cosmic features


cosmic cloud

  • based on cosmic ratios of fibonacci, they identify & support trend

  • if the last band is violated & sustained, the trend will change


zone of interest

  • this is the area where we are interested to get a position

  • we identify the zone by measuring the level of exhaustion in opposing forces, meaning if the trend is green, we wait for the sellers to get exhausted first

  • once exhaustion is identified, the last line of the band gets highlighted

  • soon, vertical lines will start to appear in it, there are entry lines

  • it is advised you let the zone develop a little before entry


cosmic bands

  • these bands are meant keep you oriented

  • they also highlight to show you local bounce areas


cosmic MA

  • this magical black line separates the cream from the crop. it will carve out the top/bottom/reversal of all trends, repeatedly

  • this is specially useful when you don't have confidence in the move, you could chose to take position only below or above MA

  • this way you can insure your stop would be very close & target far

  • risk : reward = phenomenal


analysis mode

  • we use our beautiful 4hr chart to make a higher timeframe analysis of the move we expect, once we can visualise it, we go over to the 1min chart to take position

  • bitcoin spends 80% of its time bouncing between these bands

  • once you expect such move you can execute trades on the 1min

  • or even ask your bot to accumulate a position for you