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cosmic scalper

flagship indicator; it identifies trend; highlights zone of interest & delivers crucial information to the trader, in a clean elegant way



a script designed to catch 1% moves, popular amongst option traders


cosmic bot

a bot that accumulates position for you & executes semi autonomous trades on cosmic scalper


access @ less than $1 per day



yearly subscription

- Access to All Indicators

- Access to Cosmic Bot
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- LIVE Guidance

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who am i

a brief intro

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome!
I am Dexter, your host & the creator of Cosmic Algos


I am a young doctor, who soon after finishing medical college in 2016 bumped into the fancy world of Bitcoin while handling a real estate project in rural India.
Fascinating right?

I abruptly entered Bitcoin at $450, not as an investment, but as a tool to learn trading. I had just started off & had no idea that Bitcoin was about to blow out of proportion. Rode Bitcoin all the way up to the euphoric $24k peak & then down to $3.5K What happened in between are many cycles of disappointment & enlightenment that led me to successful leverage trading & ultimately the creation of Cosmic Algos


My areas of deep diving are Trading, Medicine, Physics & Spirituality. My superpower is that i can resolve clutter into clarity, observe fascinating mechanisms many layers deep; explore & acquire new skill sets at warp speed.

I work in a cyclical fashion in life, i keep coming back to things only to be amazed by deeper & deeper truths. I have a great passion for teaching & I'm grateful for having your attention & a loving family with whom i find pleasure in the little things of life 

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Cosmic Algos are tools & like any other tools, they require effort to yield desired results. These scripts are not future telling devices & should not be perceived as one. Leverage Trading is a high risk activity. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor.

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